For those who wants to enjoy the design the escort services they are in for a real treat because in this category one can enjoy a stay in the luxurious boutique hotel and we have tie ups with the five-star hotels where our clients will be able to enjoy a king-size stay. There will be great food, great music and a truly intoxicating ambience that is truly going to set the mood for the rest of the evening and the clients are going to leave for satiated and content. Those who have already enjoyed this service is of the opinion that it is one of the best arrangements that they have ever had. The agencies pay full attention to the discretion and all the information is kept under wraps. There is no end to the fun that they can have in this setting and the clients especially look forward to this session. The designer escorts services of course comes at a price and most NRIs and international clients seem to avail them. The super rich of the city also avail them and men from other parts of India also flock to Andheri for a night out with these girls. In case the client needs any special service like a car pick and drop, we can arrange for the most striking cars to take them.



We understand that there are many private parties hosted in the city where they are needed because who would make the party more colorful and this is where our escorts come in. They are not just pretty but they can enhance the mood and ambience of any party with their glamorous persona and sex appeal. The rich and the famous of the city pay a lot of money to these escorts just so that they can make an appearance. Having these girls in your private parties is sure to enhance the glamour and a large section of the invitees look forward to these events as you enter your hand in hand with a beautiful escort. The private parties are usually thrown by the rich and the famous of the city and mostly all the high profile people flock to them. The press is also often present and there is a lot of speculation about who has turned up with whom. If you are fortunate enough to be invited to one such party, it would be so unfortunate if you had to turn up all alone. On the other hand, our escorts, with their lively nature and intelligent minds can be the worthy companion for any such events. They are always ready and up for such dos and this is one of the main reasons why people come to them.


Considering that there are so many escorts in our service it is very easy for a man to get overwhelmed and be spoilt for choice and we have seen many men get confused about the girls that they should take with them. This is where our premium customer care service comes in so that they can help their clients choose that which girls would be perfect for them. Our website is extremely been well made and has all of the relevant information and yet if there are any other queries our staff makes sure that all of the emails and phone calls are duly responded to.

It is almost impossible for a man to get female companionship so easily in so large city because here everyone is busy with their own lives- however it only makes sense if one goes ahead and tries to grab that own happiness. This is where our escorts come in because they know that they will be able to provide that with their intelligent talk and jovial company. We also make sure that we have escorts on standby in the evening to accompany him and if he is traveling outside the city because such trips can also get extremely monotonous and men always like to have someone they can come back to at the end of the day. So if you are in Andheri the next time, and you have similar feelings of loneliness, all you have to do is place a call to us. Our escorts will reach you at the right time in the right place and your nights will change.


The booking process of our escorts in Andheri is very simple. We have made it clear that all the information regarding the escorts and the designer services of our agencies can be availed through phone calls. Our expert executives are their as telephone operators who can answer all the queries made by the clients. Please remember that we take bookings of girls who are available. If a girl gets booked already then we cannot cancel the booking at any cost unless the previous client cancels his booking. Apart from phone calls, we also take the bookings through mail. So, do not hesitate to shoot us a mail for booking purposes and you will be contacted by us at the shortest possible.

Last but not the least; we would like to request our clients to be precise while expressing their requirements to us while booking our escorts in Andheri as it is always their call that makes us understand their needs and through that we arrange our services at the end of the day.


There are a lot of gentlemen who come to Andheri for various purposes. But to cut off their loneliness in this vibrant city, they never miss to book the services of our escorts. And by observing the demand for the independent Andheri escorts, we do deliver them the same girls who successfully entertain the clients and rejuvenate them fully. Most of the independent working escorts are highly educated and belong to good background. Culturally also, these girls are enriched. Hence the ladies find it easier to accompany the foreign clients as they flawlessly communicate in English with them and deliver them international quality services according to their desires. Overtly pretty and cute, these babes are mature and know the art of pleasing clients.